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Altro Atlas™ 40

Altro Atlas 40 is our most robust flooring solution, maintaining its integrity even when punctured by studs or spikes. It’s well suited to areas where the risk of a slip is high, including heavy duty industrial use and sports changing rooms. Hard wearing, stable, and resistant to mechanical damage and chemicals, Altro Atlas 40 provides long term durability and slip resistance, and is easy to clean and maintain. For our other heavy duty ranges, please see Altro Classic 25 and Altro Reliance 25.

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Typical applications

For specialist locations such as kitchens, canteens and food preparation areas, where grease, oils or fats may be present, we recommend Altro Stronghold 30. For bathrooms and wet environments we recommend Altro Aquarius.

  • Industrial areas exposed to heavy wheeled traffic such as pallet trucks and occasional forklift traffic (for more intense forklift traffic, an Altro resin is more suitable)
  • Sports changing rooms where spiked or studded shoes / boots are used
  • Mezzanine areas


Contributes to reducing the environmental impact of your specification

  • A+ BRE Generic Green Guide Rating for Safety Flooring,
    full details are available on The Green Guide website