KFC, Malaga, Spain

Altro spread their wings in Spain

Altro Stronghold 30 

When KFC, the world-famous chain of fried chicken restaurants, opened its new branch in Málaga, Altro Stronghold 30, which has Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV≥55, R12), was chosen as the ideal floor for its kitchen area.

The restaurant has an area of more than 350m² which includes the kitchen, plus a large dining room, terrace, playground and parking. The kitchen is the heart of the business and used seven days a week, including extended opening hours at the weekend, when it’s still operating after midnight.

In addition to a restaurant service, the Málaga branch also features a drive-through, so there is an additional service area which means staff have to cross the food preparation area quickly and often. To ensure the new restaurant is a success, it was important that the kitchen was well planned, including flooring that could cope with such a demanding environment.

Franco Giuseppe Zirotti, KFC’s external architect consultant, needed a safety floor that would perform in terms of slip resistance, hygiene and cleanability and decided that Altro Stronghold 30 meets these needs.

Zirotti says: “We needed flooring that could be hot-welded to provide an impervious surface. It was also important that it could provide slip resistance, easy maintenance and would be easy to install. After researching several options, we discovered that Altro Stronghold 30 was ideal for KFC’s kitchens, meeting all these needs. In addition, the material is visually appealing and fits perfectly with the look and feel of our facilities.”

Altro Stronghold 30 provides an impervious surface and is designed to minimise the risk of slips and falls in commercial kitchens where grease, fats and oils may be present. It offers lifetime sustained slip resistance of 20 years. With a thickness of 3mm, it copes well with wheeled traffic and the heavy equipment found in commercial kitchen environment. It is also very comfortable underfoot, benefitting staff, and provides noise reduction.

Altro Stronghold 30 is also easy to clean. Paco Contreras, Manager of the Málaga branch, says: “We work with water, flour and oil which can be difficult to clean but with the new flooring, we’ve significantly reduced the time this takes.”

The slip resistance of Altro Stronghold 30 has been extensively tested using the Pendulum Test, which mimics the act of a heel striking the ground during walking. Altro have evaluated the flooring using a variety of contaminants including flour, oil and greasy water. The acceptable result for safety flooring is a Pendulum Test Value (PTV) greater than, or equal to, 36 and for these contaminants Altro Stronghold 30 achieved well in excess of this, demonstrating how robust the flooring is for industrial kitchens.

Zirotti continues: “Altro Stronghold 30 is beyond comparison; on one hand it offers slip resistance for our workers, helping keep them safe, and on the other, it allows us to clean and maintain the flooring in our installations perfectly. With regard to compliance with safety regulations, we know that in having Altro Stronghold 30, our flooring always exceeds the standard set. Additionally, because it’s so easy to install, it took just one day and we were able to continue with the rest of the project; we would recommend it without hesitation.”

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