Lane Regional Medical Center, USA

Medical Center uses Altro Whiterock and Altro Suprema in operating rooms

Altro Suprema, Altro Whiterock White

Lane Regional Medical Center in Zachary, Louisiana is a primary care non-profit hospital dedicated to providing high quality care to patients. Lane is a 140 bed hospital, including a 30 bed rehabilitation center, and is accredited by the Joint Commission on Accreditation for Health Care Organizations and the State of Louisiana.

The hospital provides personal and attentive care 24-hours a day and needed to start a renovation of their operating rooms to better serve their patients. The hospital planned to renovate their six ORs over a period of time and was looking for a wall product that would be both hygienic and cost effective.

Altro Whiterock was specified and installed in an operating room in the hospital due to its superior wall protection and ultra-smooth surface. Altro Whiterock could be installed over their existing tile wall which was both time and cost effective a major factor for Lane Regional Hospital.

For the operating room, an area in the hospital where infection control is mission critical, they now have a sterile wall solution. With heat-welded seams and no bacteria harboring accessories Altro Whiterock is the ideal choice.

After seeing the benefits of Altro Whiterock for the walls, the hospital also chose to install Altro Suprema for the flooring in the operating room. Suprema offers hygienic properties with impressive levels of stain resistance, slip resistance, and durability. Suprema also offers enhanced appearance retention and a designer influenced color palette creating an aesthetically pleasing environment for patients and employees long after installation.

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