Vejle Hospital Central Kitchen

Safety and comfort in a most demanding kitchen

Altro Stronghold 30, Altro Walkway 20, Altro Suprema

Vejle Hospital needed to expand and modernise its central kitchen to be able to provide food for the hospital as well as nearby Kolding Hospital. The kitchen had installed Altro safety flooring over 19 years ago. When they had to select the new floor, they chose Altro. “Everyone was pleased with the former Altro flooring, so why change to something else?” said Lene Jul Christensen, kitchen manager for Vejle Hospital.

The hospital chose Altro Stronghold 30, a 3mm thick flooring which is ideal for industrial kitchens. Altro Stronghold achieves Altro’s highest rating for slip resistance (PTV ≥55, R12). It is designed to minimise risk in environments that often have spills of liquids such as water, oil and other fats. Altro Stronghold 30 has a lifetime slip resistance of 20 years, keeping your risk of a slip or fall to one in a million.

“We were very excited when we heard about Altro Stronghold 30 because it combines excellent slip resistance with long lasting durability and good cleanability. These features are extremely important in a kitchen like ours where there are often spills and a high level of traffic. We needed a floor that would have top notch hygiene,” said Jutta Jensen, Project Manager, Project Department of Construction of Vejle Hospital.

“It’s really important to us that our employees have a strong floor to walk on, that is safe and comfortable underfoot. Altro Stronghold 30 also has the added benefit that it absorbs sound in a noisy environment like ours, with pots and pans clattering,” said Lene Jul Christensen, kitchen manager for Vejle Hospital.

Altro’s commitment to sustainability was another reason why the hospital selected Altro safety flooring.

“There is no doubt that the slip resistance, cleanability and creation of a good working environment have been the most important features for us in choosing the flooring for this area. But having said that, we will always strive to choose products that also have a green profile, and Altro has a really strong commitment to sustainability,” says Jutta Jensen.

In other areas of Vejle Hospital, the hospital has also installed Altro Walkway 20 and Altro Suprema.

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