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Keeping safe

Surprisingly, a huge 55% of all accidents in education are caused by a slip, trip or fall.

These accidents affect staff and students alike; causing broken bones, considerable personal distress and a significant amount of time off to recover.

Employers and organisations have a duty of care to every employee, student and visitor within their establishment. As regulations become increasingly demanding and society ever more litigious, it is essential that you provide and maintain a safe environment for everyone.

So, where are your risk areas?

These could typically include slopes, steps, heavy traffic circulation areas, play and activity areas, kitchens, student union bars, launderettes, laboratories, art, technology and computer suites. On their own, these busy areas present a significant risk. This risk increases when you factor in the behaviour of the young, who, let's face it, often don't appreciate their role in accident prevention!

Another risk is contamination by water, food, litter and chemicals, which can all affect the performance of the floor if not allowed for.

The good news is that Altro safety and slip-resistant flooring provides underfoot traction to assist with walking and safety, even when flooring is wet or contaminated. We have specialist solutions for a variety of applications, for learners of all ages and the staff who work with them, making their future safer with Altro.