Dementia care

Dementia care

A global challenge

The World Health Organisation estimates the number of people living with dementia worldwide in 2015 to be 47.47 million, reaching 75.63 million in 2030 and 135.46 million in 2050.  

What is dementia?

The term describes a host of conditions associated with the gradual deterioration of the brain's functions. These can include problems with reasoning and communication, speed of thinking, comprehension, mental agility, memory loss and feelings of anxiety, depression or anger. Its causes are various brain diseases, the most well-known being Alzheimer's. Dementia is not simply part of the ageing process; it can be caused by changes to the brain structure and gradual damage to the brain cells.

We’ve worked in the heathcare sector for many years, becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environment, nowhere more so than in the growing area of dementia care. We are committed to helping develop these environments, working with dementia experts and associations to do so. We also offer guidance to customers building, refurbishing or developing dementia-friendly communities to ensure they select the flooring and wall cladding, or protection that will help maximise quality of life for patients and meet legal requirements.