Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding

Classic solution

Altro Whiterock White is the timeless alternative to ceramic tiles for areas where hygiene and durability are paramount – like commercial kitchens, clinical areas, clean rooms and laundries.

Versatile solution

Available in a range of solid, satin-finish shades – from subtle pastels through to vivid brights – Altro Whiterock Satins can be used where aesthetics are important and you want to create a particular mood. It’s ideal for bathrooms, operating theatres, wards and splashbacks.

Inspirational solutions

When you want to make a bold statement, choose Altro Whiterock Chameleon – the glossy, vibrant wall cladding that adds a touch of luxury to ‘high-end’ bathrooms, foyers, serveries, retail and splashbacks.

Create the right impression with your chosen photographic image or art reproduced onto wall cladding. From company logos to calming landscapes, Altro Whiterock Digiclad is a great choice for feature walls in foyers, wards, patient rooms, operating theatres, recovery rooms and coffee shops.

New Altro Tegulis tile-effect wall panels offer the ideal alternative to traditional tiles for wet rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and retail spaces. With a range of tile-effect patterns offering a grout-free alternative to tiles, Altro Tegulis offers a more familiar feeling than traditional wall panel sheets.

Altro Fortis wall and corner protection

In public areas where feet, bags, equipment and wheels are a constant, maintenance can be ongoing and costly, and cleaning difficult. Altro Fortis is a system that offers seriously tough, 2.5mm thick protection for walls and corners. It is perfect for education, health and retail where appearances matter. The Altro Fortis system keeps interiors safe from impact and scuff damage and looking good for longer.

A complete solution

Altro Fortis can be used in conjunction with Altro 2.5mm safety flooring for an integrated tough and safe environment. It also works well with Altro Whiterock hygienic wall cladding, creating aesthetic consistency between hygienic and general areas.

Altro Fortis system – conforming to relevant fire and smoke standards

The fire performance standard that is required for fire regulation compliance in the Middle East is EN 13501. The Altro Fortis system complies with this standard.  If you have a requirement for any other fire performance standard, such as ASTM E84, BS 476 pt 6 or BS 476 pt 7 then please speak with Altro directly.